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 For FRESH POPCORN to go, come inside the lobby anytime we are open!  If you need curbside delivery, please pull up under the marquee and call us at 886-5353 and we will gladly bring it to you!

Need to rent a venue for a speaker?  We offer cinema 1 for $150.  You get it for 2 hours and that includes a staff member available to sell concessions to your group!  Call  660-886-5353 to rent space. This has to be booked around our regular scheduled movies.  

Marshall Cinema is a hometown movie theater locally owned and operated in Marshall, MO.  We strive to show the newest movies on our new, all digital projectors with 3D capabilities.  We are proud to be able to offer full surround sound and amazing picture clarity.  We have a large variety of refreshments, including 10 different seasonings for your popcorn!  Come join our friendly staff for a night of great entertainment.

Beginning Friday March 18th, if you drop your child off at the theater they will be required to bring in a school ID to purchase a ticket.  We are also implementing a NO TOLERANCE policy for anyone being loud or disruptive.  Please be advised that if you drop off your child and they are loud or disruptive, they will be kicked out of the movie, with no warnings.  They will not be refunded for their purchases, and they will be banned from future movies.  I commend my amazing staff for their efforts to control the crowds.  However, they were not hired to be babysitters and certainly not bouncers.  I have complete faith in all of them to be fair and just.  What they say goes.


118 East North Street

Marshall, Missouri 65340


660-815-7404  To reach owner Kim Thompson

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Marshall Cinema